Sunday, 1 September 2013

How to Survive Your Best Friend Leaving for University

It's currently the time when students are getting ready for school and leaving for college and university but what do you do when you're not one of them? What do you do when it's your best friend, the person you have known since you were little and barely been separated for more than a couple days, leaving for the first time? It's difficult to even fathom what it will be like without them before it happens. This time is especially troubling when you yourself are going nowhere and with nothing so much as a plan for what to eat for dinner. So if you, or someone you know is having trouble coping with this, here are a few tips.

1. Keep Busy By Cleaning Your Room 

This is probably one of the least exciting things that you could do but hey you may find some cool stuff and it will also make you feel rejuvenated by rearranging furniture. Like a fresh start. 

2. Learn How To Cook

Pinterest is one of my favourite places to find new things, from recipes to fashion to decorating your dream home. There is an endless supply of ideas and DIYs to keep you busy. 

3. Start A Blog

Doing something you enjoy will make time between visits go by much quicker. Starting a blog is just one of the many things I have on my list to try out this year. Find a hobby or 2 and throw yourself into it. If you aren't having a good time then pick something else. No one's going to keep you from changing your mind. It's your time, do with it what you want...safely of course :)  

4. Visit

As long as your best friend won't hate you for coming (which hopefully wouldn't be a problem if you really are that close) then go right ahead! Just remember that you are just saying goodbye to them and maybe a couple others but they are moving to a whole new place with very few people they know. Coming from a small town where you know everyone it seems hard to imagine going to a new place and maybe 5 people. A couple from your high school, a couple just from around town, and a couple you met on the Facebook freshmen pages. The move is going to be more challenging for them than it will be for you (In most cases). 

If you're like me and are just hanging around for the year you will soon know just what it's like to be on the other side. So try not to fret and use the time you can to visit, it will be good for both of you. 

I hope these few things will help to make your transition at least a little bit easier. If you have any good ideas I'd love to give them a try, just leave them in the comments below! :) 

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