Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna Take Ya...

This summer has been one of the best so far! African Lion Safari, Imagine Dragons and Bruno Mars concerts, my Aunt's wedding, beach days, lazy days and much more but one of the greatest parts was going to Aruba. I love summer, I love the heat and I love travelling...what better way to put all three together and take a trip to a Caribbean island?

I'm not the greatest photographer but it was hard not to get an amazing shot with the beauty of the mesmerizing island.

This was a 7 day trip that was definitely not long enough..but what vacation ever is? hahah We stayed at the Costa Linda which I highly recommend. Unfortunately, it is only open for time share or if you own one of the suites. They have pool with two hot tubs, beach with chairs and tiki huts provided for you to use whenever you'd like, a giant chess/checkers set (Sad I didn't get a picture of it, it was a lot of fun). Being the girly girl I am, I look advantage of their spa and got my nails done which has lasted for ever!

If you do decide to take a trip to Aruba or anywhere else in the Caribbean, do NOT forget sunscreen! I am quite proud of myself that I didn't get burnt, well at least not where I could help.. I had to buy a hat to keep my head from getting burnt. Do not sit out in the sun for more than 20 minutes without any sort of protection from the sun, you can literally feel yourself crisping. Also, if you plan on spending a lot of time on the beach take advantage of the Happy Hour at the bar...2 for 1 drinks are the best and a good way to keep you hydrated..or not if its alcoholic but still delicious either way!

As said before travelling is one of my favourite things ever. I love experiencing new sights and cultures. The food in Aruba is pretty similar to here in Canada so I didn't get to try many new things but what we did have was scrumptious! If the only thing I could accomplish in life was the travel the world, I would forever be in a blissful state of happiness.

Travel is rebellion in its truest form
We follow our heart
We free ourselves of labels 
We loose control willingly
We trade a role for reality
We love the unfamiliar
We trust strangers
We own only what we carry
We search for better questions, not answers
We truly graduate

We sometimes choose to never come back  

- The Triprebel Manifesto


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  2. Ohhh wow it looks fantastic!! And that little poem at the end is perfect...
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  3. What a beautiful place! You're very good at photography :) I just started blogging and youtube so I would love if you could check out my blog!

  4. Very lovely pictures & I really love the last quote. Very true. Very happy to have come across your blog, can't wait to see more :(

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  5. That looks like such a lovely place! Great photos!
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